Katerina (kikashu) wrote,


I have the weirdest cat ever. He likes to play with magnets. Can't get enough of them. Right now he's got one on his belly and keeps rolling around with it and chewing on it like a dog would with a bone.

Chris actually wants to get another cat, miracle of miracles. But I must relent to getting it declawed. Which I am still against. It just seems unecessary and cruel. We keep having these debates over why I think it's cruel to declaw but not to neuter. He said he's rather lose his fingertips than his balls. So I'm still debating. I think I'm gonna call a vet and ask their opinion. I read that some vets won't even do the procedure cause it's inhumane.

Chris wants to call the new cat Wallace, like William Wallace, since Hamish was William Wallaces best friend. For real, not just in Braveheart.

There are mushrooms growing in the chasm under the kitchen sink. This is NOT normal.
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